Efficacy of a Combination of a Unique Pectin-Lecithin Complex (Apolectol®), Live Yeast and Magnesium Hydroxide in the Prevention of EGUS and Faecal Acidosis in Thoroughbred Racehorses: A Randomised, Blinded, Placebo Controlled Clinical Trialby B.W. Sykes, K.M. Sykes, G.D. Hallowell

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Clinical Research Abstracts

British Equine Veterinary Association Congress 2013

Volume 45 • Supplement 44 • September 2013 1 Foreword and Acknowledgements

Abstracts 2 Development and clinical application of pudendal nerve block using a peripheral nerve locator for reproductive surgery in horses

K. GALLACHER, L. CAMPOY, A. J. BEZUIDENHOUT AND R. O. GILBERT 2 Laser surgery as a sole treatment of histologically confirmed equine sarcoids: Outcome and risk factors for recurrence

P. C. COMPSTON, T. G. TURNER AND R. J. PAYNE 2 A prospective randomised study to compare the effects of preoperative hypertonic saline or pentastarch on haematological variables and long-term survival of surgical colic cases

A. J. MILLER, K. E. BARRON, C. J. PROUDMAN AND A. H. A. DUGDALE 3 Abnormal plasma neuroactive progestagen derivatives in ill, neonatal foals presented to the neonatal intensive care unit

M. R. ALEMAN, K. J. PICKLES, A. J. CONLEY, S. STANDLEY, E. HAGGETT, B. TOTH AND J. E. MADIGAN 3 To determine the effect of an oral joint supplement on orthopaedic, physiotherapy and handler evaluation scores in horses

R. MURRAY, V. ADAMS, V. WALKER, C. TRANQUILLE, S. COPEMAN, J. SPEAR, R. FROST AND D. MARLIN 4 Effect of two diets on antioxidant status in racing steeplechasers during intensive training

E. VAN ERCK, K. PALMERS, J-L. LAMBEY AND S. BENOIT 4 The effect of injection needle gauge size on the viability of equine mesenchymal stem cells

S. J. CREE, R. K. SMITH AND J. DUDHIA 4 Can we use information on the mechanical properties of waxed sand/fibre, sand/fibre and sand/rubber arena surfaces to help understand injury prevention?

C. A. TRANQUILLE, V. A. WALKER, L. ROEPSTORFF, E. HERNLUND AND R. C. MURRAY 5 Movement symmetry patterns during lungeing in trot on hard and soft surface differ between sound and mildly forelimb lame horses

H. MITCHELL, C. JENNINGS, E. OLSEN, A. WALKER, R. WELLER AND T. PFAU 5 Design and testing of small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) targeted against equine TNF-α and IL1-β in equine synoviocyte cultures – preliminary findings

R. E. MORGAN, J. A. HUNT, S. R. TEW, P. D. CLEGG AND J. F. INNES 6 Risks of synovial sepsis following intrasynovial medication in ambulatory practice, 2006–2011: 9456 intrasynovial injections

L. SMITH, L. PALMER, M. SHEPHERD, W. N. STEVEN, R. DALLAS, G. BALDWIN, G. SOMMERVILLE, T. HAWTHORNE AND P. RAMZAN 6 The effect of displaced versus nondisplaced pelvic fractures on long-term racing performance in 31

Thoroughbred racehorses

S. E. HENNESSY, M. A. MUURLINK, G. A. ANDERSON, T. N. PUKSMANN AND R. C. WHITTON 6 A new technique for subtotal (cranial wedge) ostectomy in the treatment of impinging/overriding spinous processes: Description of technique, and outcome of 25 cases

B. D. JACKLIN, G. J. MINSHALL AND I. M. WRIGHT 7 Tears of the accessory ligament of the superficial digital flexor and their relationship to the carpal sheath

G. J. MINSHALL 7 In vivo evaluation of acoustoelastography in the normal equine superficial digital flexor tendon

S. H. BROUNTS, M. E. ELLISON, S. DUENWALD-KUEHL, L. FORREST AND R. VANDERBY JR 8 Horse, rider and venue-related risk factors for eliminations from Fédération Equestre Internationale endurance rides due to lameness and metabolic reasons

A. NAGY, J. MURRAY AND S. DYSON 8 A girth designed to avoid peak pressure locations increases limb protraction and flexion during flight

R. MURRAY, R. GUIRE, M. FISHER AND V. FAIRFAX 8 Is the movement of the thoracolumbar and lumbosacral joints in the ridden dressage horse affected by muscle development?

V. A. WALKER, C. A. TRANQUILLE, S. E. DUCH, A. J. NORTHROP, J. SPEAR, J. BRANDHAM AND R. C. MURRAY 9 The effect of trotting speed, direction and line of travel on asymmetry in Standardbred racehorses during high-speed locomotion on the racetrack

L. KIRK, T. PFAU, S. WITTE, A. RAMSEYER AND T. H. WITTE 9 Objective assessment of gait asymmetry in polo ponies

E. R. BURDEN, T. PFAU AND T. H. WITTE 10 Musculoskeletal injury in Arabian racehorses: A study of injury distribution and prevalence in one training yard in the United Kingdom (2005–2012)

R. S. DALLAS 10 The effects of ambient temperature and relative humidity on blood parameters in horses during long-distance flights

A. MAASKANT, J-W. DE GOOIJER, R. TILBURG AND M. M. SLOET VAN OLDRUITENBORGH-OOSTERBAAN 10 Radiological characterisation of ossified ungular cartilages of the foot

L. E. JONES AND S. J. DYSON 11 Characterisation of keratomas of the equine digit using contrast enhanced computed tomography (CECT) to facilitate surgical removal and provide prognostic information regarding post operative morbidity

J. D. C. ANDERSON 11 High-speed fluoroscopy: A novel method for dynamic imaging of the equine foot

J. M. ROACH, S. B. WILLIAMS, V. UNT, J. BRYARS, T. PFAU AND R. WELLER 11 Use of transoesophageal ultrasound to visualise the aortopulmonary region in two normal Friesian horses and three Friesians with aortic rupture or aortopulmonary fistulation

M. DE BRUIJN, G. VAN LOON, M. PLOEG, A. GRöNE, D. DE CLERCQ, A. DECLOEDT, R. VAN WEEREN, W. BACK AND C. DELESALLE 12 Changes in intestinal mucosal microvascular perfusion assessed using orthogonal polarisation spectral imaging in the horse

A. K. CROXFORD, I. M. BOWEN AND G. D. HALLOWELL 12 Prevalence and risk factors for owner-reported obesity in horses and ponies in Great Britain

C. A. ROBIN, J. IRELAND, C. E. WYLIE, S. N. COLLINS, K. L. P. VERHEYEN AND J. R. NEWTON 13 Vaccination with virus-like particles protects horses from experimental BPV-1 infection

E. K. HAINISCH, H. ABEL, S. SHAFTI-KERAMAT, R. KIRNBAUER AND S. BRANDT 13 Efficacy of a combination of a unique pectin-lecithin complex (Apolectol®), live yeast and magnesium hydroxide in the prevention of EGUS and faecal acidosis in Thoroughbred racehorses: A randomised, blinded, placebo controlled clinical trial

B. W. SYKES, K. M. SYKES AND G. D. HALLOWELL 13 The antimicrobial activity of honey against common equine wound isolates